Switch on your kid's passion so learning can be easy, exciting, and purposeful.

Are you ready to empower your kids to reach their full potential?
FREE Live Masterclass Series hosted by Jean Harville
May 24-28, 2021

Get 20/20 vision on research-based, proven practices for parents in helping their kids gain control over their emotions, anxiety, communication skills, the ability to focus, even improve their learning skills. Parents like you are realizing the valuable gifts their uniquely-wired kids have to offer.

Ignite Your Kid’s Genius Masterclass Series

These masterclasses are for parents:

  • ​who have a passion to see the unique gifts their kids possess
  • ​who want to empower their kids to envision what is possible for them
  • ​who want to build their kid’s confidence and self-esteem
  • ​who have kids that are uniquely wired and struggling with learning

Click to join thousands of parents who are benefitting from:

  • ​7 Expert Speakers and many free resources
  • ​Cutting-edge research on brain development in their kids
  • ​Brain-based strategies to building their kid’s self-esteem
  • ​​Learning how to identify their kid’s Zone of Genius

Switch on your kid's passion so learning can be easy, exciting, and purposeful.

Check out this group of amazing Guest Experts

Penny Williams
Parenting ADHD/Autism Coach, Speaker
Award-Winning Author
Sarah Wayland
Parent Coach, RDI® Consultant, Special Needs Care Navigator
Founder of Guiding Exceptional Parents
Temple Grandin
Scientist, Autism Advocate
Author of The Autistic Brain and The Loving Push

Joan L. Green
Speech-Language Pathologist
The Founder of Innovative Speech Therapy
Nicole A. Tetreault, PhD
Neuroscientist, Writer, Meditation Teacher
Founder of Awesome Neuroscience
Chris Reavis
Parent Coach, Speaker, Author
Founder of You From Home
Natalie Borell
School Psychologist
Founder of Life Success for Teens

Masterclass Schedule

Day 1 - May 24th
Penny Williams & Sarah Wayland - The Behavior Revolution

Day 2 - May 25th
Nicole A. Tetreault, PhD - Insight into a Bright Mind

Day 3 - May 26th
Natalie Borrell - 7 Ways to Stop Your Teenager from Procrastinating

Day 4 - May 27th
Joan L. Green - Assistive Technology in Special Education

Day 5 - May 28th
Chris Reavis - Listen Up!
Temple Grandin - The World Needs All Kinds of Minds

About Jean Harville, M.Ed 
Master Neuro Coach

Jean Harville is a Master Neuro Coach and a Learning Strategist who helps moms of struggling learners navigate the education system and gain insights as to how they can ignite their children’s passion for learning so that learning becomes easy, exciting, and purposeful. 

Jean is a certified special education teacher with 20 years of experience working with elementary-level students to close their reading gaps. She worked in various settings from public schools, private schools, and specialized clinics where she learned cutting-edge strategies in building new neural pathways in the brain for teaching reading to those kids who think and learn differently. 

Jean earned her Master's degree along the way. 

You can find Jean either in the Raising Motivated Learners By Jean Harville Facebook group, on the Helping Kids With Learning FB business page, or on her website TheOnlineReadingStrategist.com.
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